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Our teachers communicate with the parents of their students in many ways. When they have electronic newsletters they get posted here. Should there be a question with regard to a posting, please speak directly with your teacher.

Classroom Newsletters:
Classroom 1: Mrs. Dee's June Newsletter
Classroom 2: Ms. Sloma's June Newsletter
Classroom 3: Mrs. Bier's June Newsletter
Classroom 4: Mrs. Rutkowski's June Newsletter
Classroom 5: Mrs. Angevine's June Newsletter
Classroom 6: Ms. Marita's June Newsletter
Kindergarten: Ms. Shaw's June Newsletter


Classroom Pictures

Happy Mother's Day!
Classroom 4 had a practice run celebrating Mother's Day a couple days ahead. Happy Mother's Day to all our Beechood Moms out there.

Earth Day:
Classroom 4 celebrated Earth Day with recycled goods and a large dose of fresh air.

Classroom 5:
It was "Wacky Wednesday" in Classroom 5! What better than to express ourselves in a wacky kinda way?

Classroom 1 Celebrates:
Classroom 1 celebrated Dr. Seuss's Birthday with Cat in the Hat and a party.

Classroom K Celebrates MLK Day:
Our Kindergarten class created this lovely mosaic of Martin Luther King. The class talked about unity and working together to make a common goal happen.

Holiday Party in Classroom 1:
The Beechwood School celebrated the holidays before the break in each classroom. Here's Classroom 1 with a pajama party just before their feast, er, "snack."

Classroom 4 Celebrates Snow:
Or maybe it was ice. Who cares? It was fun.

Holiday fun in Classrooms 1 & 2:
What fun we're having learning about Hanukkah and Christmas traditions! Tree trimming and ornament crafting.

Halloween in Classroom 4:
Our Halloween party 2020 ... all the masks!

Day 1 in Classroom 5:
We're a little more spread out, but still enjoying our time together.

Gingerbread Houses:
Classroom 4 got together for a fun-filled evening of decorating Gingerbread houses for the season. Click the tree to see more.

The Beechwood Halloween Parade:
We got it in before it rained! Click the plate to see our students in some fun costumes.

Community Helper Week:
During Community Helper Week, the Beechwood School was visited by a truck from our local fire department.

The Beechwood Art Show 2019:
Click the Spring-themed Bunny baskets to see a smattering of what our talented students pulled together for this year's Beechwood Art Show.

Presidents' Day wishes from Classroom 5.

Our students learned who Martin Luther King was and why we celebrate him every year. Click the pic to see more lovely art expressing what we learned.

Just before Winter Break the whole school had our annual Holiday Party. Click the yummy looking pic below to see our classrooms.

CR4 had a Christmas PJ party! (Click the pic to expand.)

CR4 got together one night to make their own gingerbread houses. Click on the house to see our work!

Halloween weather was perfect for our parade. Click through to see some of our costumes.

How the Body Works:
CR4 is working on our body and how it works. Lifesize bodies with some essential systems engaged these four year olds all day.

We have some pictures from the Annual Beechwood Fall Festival. Click through to see them.

Our annual Art Show for 2018 can be seen here:

Classroom 4 got together to make their own gingerbread houses! Click on the gingerbread house to see more.